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Frequently Asked Questions

Here For You Every Step of the Way

Why should I store with Dyersburg Self Storage?

At Dyersburg Self Storage we know what you are experiencing and we want to help you “Store with peace of mind.” We strive to help make your storage easy, friendly and convenient. Our managers know that moving things in and out of storage isn’t fun, so they will do everything they can to make it as smooth, easy and stress-free an experience as possible. You’ll find our friendly Dyersburg Self Storage managers go the extra mile to help you. So when life happens, let us show you that running a clean, friendly, storage center is our way of saying “welcome.”

What are the vehicle storage options?

We have a wide variety of parking available to meet your vehicle storage needs. We have drive in units that fit motorcycles, most cars, as well as outdoor parking  to fit motorized toys up to 40′ long. When selecting a parking space, be sure to include the trailer tongue or any other accessories you may have adding to the length of your vehicle. We require all vehicles to be drive-able and be able to fit entirely within the rented space.

Why are U-Haul boxes better?

Because they’re stronger – U-Haul set the standard by requiring all of the boxes we sell to have a minimum structure. Importers, big box “discount” retailers and others pushing discount “moving kits” often offer boxes made with material that is 25% thinner! All U-Haul Boxes are made to precise standards from the strength and structure of each box to the specific sizing that allows our customers to take advantage of easy loading and proper stacking while moving 

What type of lock should I use?

Everyday people lose their valuable items which are stolen from their self storage units. Why? Because they choose to skimp on their lock! When criminals are on the prowl to commit a crime, their primary target is the low hanging fruit. In this case, it’s the storage unit they can most efficiently break into. Cheap padlocks can’t resist the force of even the most basic lock cutters. Within seconds the valuables contained in self storage units are exposed to criminals. We only sell disc padlocks, because they’re virtually indestructible. Yes, with the right tools and lots of energy, they can be removed. But… the time and equipment it takes to do so makes them a last resort target for criminals. Disc padlocks will protect your self storage unit better than any other lock on the market AND we offer them at one of the lowest prices around!

Do I need storage insurance?

We take our job to protect your valuables very seriously BUT sometimes things go wrong….

We never know what to expect, sometimes we do everything right but life throws us a curve and the worst happens. That’s why we offer one of the industry’s premier insurance policies from Ponderosa Insurance. Unlike other insurance companies, Safestor insurance:

  • Settles claims quickly (you don’t have to wait until your homeowner’s policy settles first), usually in 2 – 4 weeks

  • Pays the full insured amount (many policies pay the loss less the amount of the homeowner’s policy

  • Is backed by A+ rated insurance company

  • No deductible if space is secured with a disk lock

Just part of our commitment to help you “Store with peace of mind”

Do you have any packing tips?

Yes, we have several pages worth of tips here.

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